Sunday, September 23, 2012

Starting Over...

Hey Guys!
So i started over!! I want to make this blog more about my personal style , advice ,and trends i'm loving instead of useless posts about random stuff!! If you guys have any ideas comment below!! I guess i'll tell you a little about myself... SO i'm a freshmen in High school. I love fashion more than anything else.. when i grow up i would LOVE to be a stylist or a designer. I'm still learning so i'm not gonna brag about my sewing or drawing talents but  might post some pics of my drawings. Alright that's enough about me! Check out my polyvore (lolalove24) to see some of my ideas! I would love to check out any of your blogs too! Ok that's about it i'll post a fashion post soon!
SeƱorita Lola <3

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